Front Suspension

The majority of chassis we build use the Mustang II front suspension. The Mustang II is very popular and there are many aftermarket options available for it. There are other suspensions that would be suitable for a chassis of this type, such as the Fiero/Chevette, or the Mazda Miata. If you have another suspension in mind for your project let us know and we will advise you on the suitability of using it.

Your car will probably weigh less than the original Mustang so the stock 9.25 inch disc brakes would be fine. If you are building a high performance car and want additional braking power there are many options available to increase the size of the stock brakes. There are also packages with aluminum hubs and light weight calipers to reduce unsprung weight.

We build our own tubular a-arms to mount the spindles. These are lighter and less flexible than the stock control arms. The lower arm is built to use a coil-over shock. This makes it easy to adjust ride height and allows changing springs to get the correct spring rate. The upper arm is mounted to the chassis in a way to make it easy to change camber and caster. These a-arms are available to be purchased seperately if you are building your own chassis or modifying an existing chassis. We can build them to your specifications if you need something different than the stock a-arm length. We can also build a front subframe for you to install on an existing chassis if that is what you need.